Hackers Latest Target? Your Business Email

According to a new report by Proofpoint, business emails are being targeted by cyber attackers more than ever.

With the rise of ransomware and other forms malware that can be combined with spoofed emails, employees themselves are often seen as the weak link in cybersecurity.

Some highlights from the report:

  • Email attacks towards businesses have increased 25% in the last quarter

  • Year over year attacks are up 85%

  • Social media attacks have increased 30%

  • Lower level management employees have been targeted 60% of the time

  • Customer support fraud attacks have increased 400% compared to last year

While cybersecurity defenses are constantly being strengthened, the greatest defense remains employee awareness and training. Our own Dave Stamm has been curating his IT security presentation for the past few years for just this purpose.

If you or anyone in your organization would like to learn more about IT security and how to combat the latest threats, email help@stammtech.com or call us at 414-263-4260!

Infographic via Proofpoint