Moving Offices? Here's What You Need To Know For IT!

Spring is a time for cleaning and for many companies, including Stamm Technologies, a time to upgrade their office space. Stamm Tech is actually moving to the Milwaukee River Valley in early May, but you can look for a more in depth announcement later!

Don't let this happen to you!

Moving can be an arduous task, but also an opportunity to take stock of your technology needs. With that in mind, we've put together an office move checklist of IT related items.

  • Plan Out The Move 

    • Give yourself plenty of time to plan out your relocation. Meet with your IT support and a member of your ISPs to ensure the building's functionality. The last thing you want is to move and not have telephone/internet service! 

  • Evaluate The New Site

    • Does the site fit your needs? Are there enough power jacks, data outlets, etc? Is the cabling current or does it need to be replaced? Stamm Tech, for example, has certified low voltage cable technicians who can recommend the right avenue for you. Cabling is almost always easier to replace BEFORE the move. Don't wait!

  • Assess Your Current Technology

    • Moves are another time to start fresh. Are your computers out of date? Is your phone system working or can it be upgraded? Does the server room meet your requirements? Be sure to dispose or recycle old tech you won't need at your new space!

  • Be Ready For A Rainy Day

    • Disaster plans are never fun to think about, but couldn't be more important when making a change as big as moving. Make multiple back ups (preferably hard copies as well as in the cloud) to ensure your data is protected and ready to be restored if necessary.

  • Prep For The Move

    • Moving your office technology is not as simple as moving other office items. You need to take care of these sometimes fragile items. One way to do this is to hire your IT team to help with the move. They can take the proper precautions to pack and unpack workstations and other office tech. 

  • Test, Test, Test

    • Once you are all settled into the new office, it's important to have your IT support onsite to test EVERYTHING. Networks, phones, cabling, firewalls, and security all need to be double and triple checked to make sure you're up and ready to go. 

If you would like more information or a office build/moving consultation please call us at 414-263-4260 or email