5 Tech Questions Your Family Will (Probably) Ask You This Holiday Season

If you’re reading this blog, chances are you are tech savvy – so you know what this time of year brings: questions from the family. We thought we’d help you prepare a few quick answers to 5 possible questions you might encounter over the holiday season.

Should I buy the new iPhone/Android phone?

Depends. Is the phone you currently have doing everything you need it to do? If yes, I would consider keeping it. A lot of the advancements made with the new Apple, Samsung, and Google phones are impressive, but not necessarily must-have for everyday life. Should you feel like upgrading, I would look at the holiday deals and make your decision based on that.

Why is my computer so slow?

There’s a seemingly endless number of causes for this, but let’s stick to the high-level stuff. First, are you up to date with the latest software? Check to make sure your OS is current (this will also come into play with security). Second, there is the chance of malware. For Windows users a good place to start is here. Contrary to the popular misconception, Mac computers are victims to malware/spyware/viruses as well and this site has a few strategies for you. Lastly, you could just be using an old computer or have limited storage. Could be time to upgrade your computer itself!

I don’t use Twitter/Facebook/social media. What’s the point?

Social media is about connecting people. Whether or not it actually accomplishes this is a discussion for another day. I use twitter regularly for live updates on sports, news, and jokes. I’m on Facebook decidedly less, but that’s because I just prefer one over the other. Also it’s my job to be on all social media, so that’s a plus.

Why can’t I just use one password for everything?

One password for everything is a VERY bad idea. If you have trouble remembering multiple passwords, try a password manager like Dashlane or LastPass. You only need to remember one master password and it will encrypt and store all the others. For more password tips, check out our last blog on it here.

Internet Explorer isn’t working.

That's not a question, but I'll let it slide this time Grandpa. Internet Explorer isn't working because it’s the worst. That’s why Microsoft ‘killed’ it and replaced it with Edge. Just use it one last time to go download Google Chrome or Firefox like a normal person.

Of course any frustration is always in jest. If we weren't there to answer these questions, they might turn to the internet. Who knows WHAT answers they would find there. 

Except this blog. This blog is very credible.