Mail in iOS 10: What's New?

While the changes to Mail in iOS 10 are not as significant as the ones made to iMessage, there are still modifications coming to Apple’s Mail app that have their own optimists and pessimists.

What's Changed?

  • Ability to filter emails easily
    • A simpler way to filter your emails such as unread, with attachments, cc’d to you, etc. It also includes the ability to filter between different accounts such as personal and work email inboxes.
  • Location sharing
    • Bad with directions? No internal sense of direction? Not a problem. You can now easily share your location within your emails. Don’t worry if you’re afraid of Big Brother, though. This feature is completely optional.
  • Thread Control
    • No more long email threads! You will now have the option to select an entire conversation thread and mark, move, or trash it.
  • Mailbox Suggestions
    • The updated Mail app will provide suggestions to commonly used folders. This only works if you’ve set your Swipe Options to Move and you consistently move things to similar folders. Of course this move is not without its skeptics.
  • Unsubscribe
    • FINALLY! Emails that iOS 10 determines have come from mailing lists will have the option to unsubscribe at the top of those emails. So if you bought your uncle some frozen steaks six years ago and keep getting emails, you can now easily get removed from that list. 

Should You Upgrade?

All signs point to yes as a private user, however, there are those who are proceeding with caution. Large companies, corporations, and even some small businesses have warned employees not to upgrade immediately. This is due to belief that the mail application will not operate flawlessly with iOS 10. While we’ve found no real evidence of this, it’s best to roll out your update slowly to be sure everything works properly.