Password Tips For Small Businesses

As a small business owner or employee, your data is your most important asset. More and more business are migrating to the cloud for data storage making securing that data paramount to the safety of the business. Included below are a few tips to help secure your network:

Password Strength

According to Gizmodo, the most common passwords in 2015 were: '123456' and 'password'. This does not scream impenetrable security. Instead of something simple, choose a series of varied letters, numbers, and symbols. This will make the password more difficult to crack. If you are worried about memorability, use a random word generator and connect those words with numbers and symbols. (Example: blue7Street!!limited)

Employee Security Procedures

This is a fairly common sense solution, but still sometimes goes underutilized. Communicating the importance of cyber security cannot be stressed enough. These procedures can range from setting up personal VPNs (Virtual Private Network) for each employee to locking computers after a set idle period. 

Back Up Regularly

Backing up data at regular intervals is important across the board for a small business, as mentioned in the previous blog post. This allows data to be backed up to a certain point should any incident occur to corrupt your system. 

IT Security Specialization

The computer system security market continues to evolve and change on a constant basis, and your in-house IT department may not be equipped to fully handle it. Stamm Technologies prides itself on working with IT departments to bolster your security and ensure your data's safety. 

Think of Stamm Technologies as your own secret weapon for the defense of your small business.

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